5 Unique Gift Wrapping Trends and Ideas

gift wrapping

When it comes to making the day of a loved one special and bringing a smile to their face, few things do the trick better than a thoughtful gift. While creating that joy is a gift itself, the presentation has a massive impact on the impression you’ll make as well. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can present your gift in a striking and memorable way – creating something almost too captivating and beautiful to open! We’ve compiled a few inspiring ideas to get you started on your gift wrapping journey and create something unforgettable.

Idea 1: 3D Wrap Detailing

Whatever you choose to use as base cover – whether it be paper or a gift bag – you can add a special touch of detailing by sticking a small item such as a bar of chocolate, stickers, flower, small toy or trinket on the outside. If it’s something they can use, even better!

gift wrapping
3D gift wrapping.

Idea 2: Mason Jars

Present your gift in a less expected package by placing it inside a glass jar. These are readily available at packaging stores like Consol or West Pack, or you can also make use of empty jam, mayonnaise and other confectionary jars you have lying around the kitchen. Add a ribbon on the outside or decorate it with stick-on decorations from a hobby shop.

gift wrapping
Mason jar gift wrapping.

Idea 3: Chalkboard Style

Wrap your gifts in plain black wrapping paper or book covering paper, then draw, scribble or write a special message on it with a white marker pen. 

Idea 4: Get The Kids Involved

If the gift is for a parent or family member and you have young children in your household, bring them in to join in the fun by painting or drawing messages on plain white wrapping paper. 

gift wrapping
Kids gift wrapping.

Idea 5: Photograph Wrapping

A great idea for friends, partners and family alike. Select a few of your favourite photographs of your best times together and have them photocopied or printed as a collage on paper. When you add messages and photos, you give them something to smile at before unwrapping their gift.

gift wrapping
Photograph gift wrapping.

If you’d like to get the professionals in on your personalised gift ideas, remember that Say It In Style offers a range of specialist products, including personalised calendars, printed ribbon, family planners and corporate gift wrap services. Get in touch for some gift wrapping inspiration!

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