The year is speeding along at a crazy pace, and before we know it, we’ll be faced with Christmas songs playing as we’re out doing our usual grocery shopping. As they say, preparation is key – not only in being ready on time but also to avoid the stress of rushing around at the last minute to find gifts we often can’t even figure out yet for the people in our own lives. If you’re planning on making this Christmas a special one and are aiming to get everything done perfectly, we’re here to help take at least some of the stress out of your gift wrapping inspiration with a few creative suggestions. 

Photo Detailing

Add a photograph of the recipient to help identify gifts from the pile under the tree and to give it a personal touch. Stick it on the gift itself or create custom gift tags with small pictures and a personal message.

Paper Doilies

Another surprisingly simple decoration trick is to buy a pack of paper doilies and paint or spray paint them in different colours. Stick them on gift boxes or plain coloured paper to add multiple layers and give the package some variation in tones and texture.

Natural Fabrics & Materials

Nothing quite creates a heart-warming, soothing effect like adding some natural materials to your packaging. Make use of hessian, canvas material, twigs, tree bark and pine cones in combination with hints of gold, red and green for that true Christmas feel.

Custom Paint Stamps

Stamping or roller stamping is another way to create gift wrapping paper. Cut out shapes like Christmas trees and reindeer from rubber or foam sponge, then dip it in paint and stamp all over the fabric or paper of your choice. This is also a great way to get the kids involved over the holidays!

Chalkboard Stickers

Black chalkboard paint and stickers have been highly popular over the past few seasons and can also be incorporated in your Christmas wrapping. Use black boxes or wrapping paper and write on them with a white marker pen, or stick blackboard name tags on your presents.

Sheet Music

If you happen to have some old sheet music lying around the house, it makes for perfect wrapping material. Either cover a box with it or fold it into stars to top off your gift.

Coloured Masking Tape

While ribbons tend to take the foreground, traditionally. Another great idea is to buy masking tape or electrical tape in various colours and layering them across or beside each other to create a ribbon effect on your gifts.

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