Clothing Stamp

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This clothing stamp is an absolute MUST-HAVE in any household with kids! It’s a self-inking stamp so there’s no need for you to get your fingers dirty and your clothes are marked in a jiffy! It’s the perfect thing to mark school uniforms, hats, bags and anything that tends to go missing. This is a really great alternative to iron-on-labels. The ink can last roughly 1000 stamps and refills are available. The stamp will wash out over time but just re-stamp as necessary.

The inking area is 13mm x 37mm in size. It is recommended that you iron over the stamp before washing to improve the life-span of the ink for washing. Clothes can be washed up to 90°C. Store in a sealed container or ziplock to ensure that the ink does not dry out – you can even store your stamp in the fridge!

The stamp can be used to label light coloured clothing or onto ribbon to sew onto dark clothing. Recommended just 2 lines of text – Surname and contact number

Clothing Stamp Refill

The refillable ink for the clothing stamp – the permanent ink is washable and gives a crisp, clean impression that lasts wash after wash. The ink is only available in black. You can buy it to top up your ink when your stamp runs dry. The ink is not to be used for standard office stamps – it is used to mark clothing.