School Labels

Tired of things going missing? Use these multi-functional stickers to label all the pens, stationery, books, juice bottles, lunch boxes, THE WORKS! You can choose from 4 different sizes, or get the value pack which gives you a combination of all the sizes available. It also makes a really great gift for friends or family! The stickers are printed on a vinyl sheet and you just peel the sticker off easily.

  • Pencil Labels – 10 x 30mm 
  • Mini Labels – 15 x 50mm
  • Maxi Labels – 20 x 80mm
  • Book Labels – 45 x 80mm

  • Value Pack:
  • 80 x Pencil Labels
  • 30 x Mini Labels
  • 20 x Maxi Labels
  • 10 x Book Labels
  • 30 x Gift Stickers

An electronic proof will be emailed to you prior to printing. 

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